Purnayoo Arogya Nikethanam Ayurveda Hospital in Wayanad Kerala Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Treatments
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Free Consultation

We will be glad to share with you details about various Ayurveda treatments, holistic health treatments, yoga and wellness therapies available at purnayoo arogya nikethenam. Get suggestions for your ailments or diseased conditions by writing us at info@purnayoo.com

Online Consultation

Book in depth and personalized consultation with our expert Ayurveda doctor online via skype.

1. Preventive consultation
You can consult an Ayurveda doctor even if you are healthy. These consults will help you to know do's and dont's for maintaining a healthy life. Finding your dominant bio-energy and working on it to stay fit and fine. Get tips for diet, life style, yoga and pranayama specific to your body type.

2. Curative consultation
Suffering from an illness?
Get it solved by our expert Ayurveda doctor. Finding the root cause of the disease, imbalance of bioenergies, evaluating the strength of digestive fire and immune system and Ayurveda diagnosis. You will be guided with simple home remedies you can use for your ailment, Marma (vital points), diet & life style and medications appropriate to your health condition.

The consultation will be for 45 min - 1 hour

1. An introduction to Ayurveda

Brief history of Ayurveda, unique fundamental concepts of Ayurveda like Panchamahabhuta (five element) theory, Tridosha (bio-energy principles), health and illness in Ayurveda

2. Bio-energy and body constitution theory

Understanding Prakruti (body constitution) as mentioned in Ayurveda in relation to tri-Doshas (bio-energies), Ayurveda genomics, understand body type along with the diet and regimen specific to these bioenergies.

3. Ayurveda psychology and understanding mind constitution

Discover the senses-mind-intellect-memory-soul connection and understanding about the types of mental constitution in Ayurveda.

4. Ayurveda healthy diet and life style

Concept of Agni (digestion), Understand healthy diets and get an insight into healthy habits according to Ayurveda.

5. Healing kitchen herbs

Learn to use common herbs and spices easily available in your kitchen for curing common ailments. Get to know how to use these herbs in your daily diet and as medicines.

6. Dinacharya - Daily regimen

Ever thought of how a health conscious routine day should be??? Understand how to live healthy by adding Ayurveda into your daily routine activity. In the process find a solution to some of your lifestyle problems.

7. Seasonal do's and dont's of Ayurveda

Prepare yourself for every season by understanding the Ayurveda seasonal principles. As there is a change in nature during the seasons the body humors also change the rhythm. Understand these changes to beat the unwanted damage caused by these seasons.

8. Pancha Karma (five detox therapies

The most popular but most misunderstood term in Ayurveda. Get to know the five main detox therapies of Ayurveda.

9. Basics of yoga

Yoga means "union". It's a union of body, mind and breath. Learn the basics of yoga theory, Astanga yoga and principles of yoga.

10. Yoga in daily practise

Learn to excel and understand the flow of prana "subtle life force" in your body with easy and daily workable yoga poses with our yoga expert.

11. Bioenergy specific in depth yoga (must have completed one preventive consultation)

Know your DOSHA (bioenergy)?? Right time to learn in depth yoga practices specific to your body type. Get trained with our yoga expert on bioenergy specif yoga practice.

Duration : 50 minutes of class followed by 10 minutes of Q&A
Contact Us: info@purnayoo.com

The study materials will be mailed to the client after the session on skype.


Dr. Abhishek Joshi
B.A.M.S, M.D, Ph.D (Ayurveda)

Dr. Aparna Padmanabhan
B.A.M.S, M.D, Ph.D (Ayurveda)

Mr. Anand Padmanabhan
Certified yoga instructor government of INDIA